Black Hair Care – The Big Chop


Well you have thought about it for a long time and in fact done nothing else for at least a year maybe.  You’ve dropped the usual hints to family and friends, work colleagues…  and then you finally do it – you’ve big chopped! Wow!

You could hear a pin drop as you arrived at your mom, or went to work – the look on people’s faces some surprised, some perplexed and some with looks of disgust and why? And then there are the natural Nazis who greet you with a huge big hug!!! And you’re relieved – at last somebody likes you!

You attempt to give a detailed explanation on why you’ve chopped off your lovely long relaxed hair and explain why you’ve ditched the creamy crack! Even so the look of disbelief is evident on their faces.  Mom nods her head; sisters give you the ‘sorry look’.  Men though have a better reaction – even so – You feel you just can win – but you can!

Stand strong – it will get better those who oppose you now –very soon will be giving you secret glances of admiration and favour.  They will be amazed on how quickly it grows (especially in the first two years!), the curl, the texture the uniqueness of it all. They will soon be amazed on how beautiful natural hair can be … my mother was amazed and couldn’t believe that as a child when she put my hair in four plaits – that she was seeing beautiful rich natural hair again! Yours will be too! Not only her but colleagues at work, the rest of your family and total strangers in the street!  I can’t get over how many times I have been stopped by folks in the street – just to say – hey “I love your hair”, “please give me some of your hair – mine won’t grow’  ‘I love your hair bun’ I just love your hair.”  And men “hey – that’s great no chemicals!”  I’ve even been followed around in the supermarket – It’s all good!

As the movement gathers around the globe on this natural hair – even TV has recognized it and is already putting ads with natural haired ladies!  The very friends and family who put you down – will unashamedly join you – get ready to be shocked!

And you know what, even if they never appreciate it – it’s your hair – you can do what you what with your own hair, enjoy it – it’s beautiful! Isn’t it?


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