How to improve slow growing natural hair!

After the initial two years of growing natural hair – you will be amazed if your not already how hair growth can slow down.  This of course is due to several factors, mismanagement by continual blow drying, weaves that didn’t work but itched all day! age, menopausal, diet as well has how you handle your hair whether its out all day to everyday, protection styling or low manipulation – which is good.  Either way your’ll be glad to get some help to push those follicles out!

Here it is:

Be sure to wash hair once a week with a good quality moisturizing shampoo/conditioner;  low sulfate preferable.

  1. Apply a deep moisturizer after every wash or use olive oil (use steamer) for at least 20 minutes.
  2. Be sure to trim once a year  – once is sufficient for slow growing hair..
  3. Use a Protein conditioner every 4 months or as needed.
  4. Seal hair with Olive oil or jojoba every day after you apply moisturizer
  5. Take vitamin D , Omega oil and Biotin to rapidly improve growth

Good luck!


Whats your story?

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