How to stop hair breakage at shoulder length – natural black hair


Hair grows quickly from a shaved head to a small afro – mine did – so did yours I gather! It went from afro to afro puff then from the ears to the neck and from ears to the shoulder.  Arriving at shoulder length is not just one of the fastest growth points but it is also the heaviest breaking point!

While waiting for your hair to reach shoulder length wearing puffs, twists and braids can be helpful in maintaining and supporting the growth of your hair.  

Once it reaches shoulder length special care should be taken as you look over your routine and modify any changes that need to be made.  Such changes should involve taking special care of your hair ends; hair can be entwined in collars, coat and your shoulder bag!  Those ends are really fragile.  To prevent this use a protective style that enables you to pin up your hair into a bun, or put them in a baggie covered by hat or scarf or a hair clip with the ends covered or a phony afro puff etc. There are so many protective styles to choose from – just keep those ends covered..

Fortify the ends at night with moisturiser and a heavy cream or spray with a homemade moisturiser using aloe vera juice, mineral water and castor oil. Cover with your usual silk scarf.

Are you past shoulder length yet?





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