Moisturization – the key to long healthy hair

Moisture levels

The key to long and healthy hair and preventing dryness is moisturizing.  There are many good moisturizers now on the market.  Select one moisture based conditioner for weekly use.    Some conditioners contain various types of lightweight protein that may respond differently to different types of textured hair.  A little trial and error will be required to determine the conditioning products that best suit your hair’s needs.

A moisturizer is best used after your hair is shampooed and conditioned, or every one to three days or as needed for hydration.

Choose your moisturizer and saturate each section from root to tip, you may even add a cream moisturizer should you wish, a selection is also listed.  The cream moisturizer is useful the day after wash day when you emerge from sleep with crispy hair that was washed the night before!  It doesn’t matter what order you choose water moisturizer or cream; but to finish things off you must seal the hair with oil.  Some people prefer coconut oil, olive oil, I like grape seed oil. Many people get confused as to what oil does – this mainly coats the hair and keeps the moisture in after the hair has been moisturized, which is important.

After your hair has been conditioned and oiled feel free to style! I normally end up doing twists and the next day; wear my hair in an up do like an afro puff. One word about twists is to make sure that when you do them you unravel bottom up as opposed from top down.  That way you reduce knotting the ends.  The ends very quickly form knots especially if you have coily hair!.

The best water based moisturizers do not contain mineral oil, rather they contain a mixture of water, humectants and natural oils or butters.

Favorite products

Organic Root Stimulator

Profectiv Damage Free A-T leave in

Organics Texture my way – curl keeper

Leisure Curl – dry hair moisturizer balance spray


transition natural hair styles 450


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