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Quick moisturizing routine

Next day moisture – THE NEXT MORNING!

Wanting to get dressed and get out the door can be a challenge – here’s how to moisture that hair quickly and efficiently.


What you need: Choose from product list below.

ü  Oil Moisturizer or water spray

ü  Cream moisturizer

ü  Shea butter or oil

ü  An as alternative add a gel to style


  1. On rising, saturate hair with your chosen moisturizer, if using water just lightly damp the hair – do not wet it – otherwise you will have shrinkage problems! (depending on your hair type – especially 4b/cs)
  2. Using a cream moisturizer gently point this towards the ends.  It’s the ends that need protection.  The ends are the driest of the hair because it is the oldest!
  3. Add your choice of butter or oil throughout lengths of hair, paying attention to the ends.  Oil seals the hair and keeps moisture in!
  4. Add a gel – the benefits of gel are: if you have coils in your hair, this will make your hair look very pretty.  It keeps hair in place, holds it flat and a range of styles can be achieved with this look.

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