6 healthy hair tips on growing long black natural hair

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Hair management is imperative so to succeed in gaining length.  Strict rules will have to be adhered to – here is my definitive list.

Using a blow dryer

Like me your obsession with the hair dryer has got to stop!

The recommendations are once a month or once every 10 days only.   It is also less damaging to do the stretch and hold method, try turning the heat down too!   Continued blow drying pulls moisture from the hair, it becomes dry and breaks and if you insist on using the comb attachment – you will actually pull out sections of your hair – you won’t see it at first – it’s gradual and shows up later so stop – today!  .  Obviously it’s better if no blow drying is used and the hair left to air dry which will result in very healthy strong hair.

Trimming too often

It’s good to trim – but not every few days!  It’s OK to trim once every three months.  Insisting on trimming every three weeks – you will negate your own growth.  As hair only grows 6 inch a year for most people – you will be removing your own length!

Over manipulating your hair

Believe it or not continued combing of our delicate tresses can break the hair ever so gently.  Combing and brushing must be kept to a minimum.  Instead comb the hair out with your fingers gently, then style.  Which can be done – easily – try it!

No protective styling

I know its great being natural and you just want to touch and play with your hair.  I know – I’m guilty of that too.  But wait – our hair especially loves to be left alone, and that means no combing, no brushing, and no gelling. For most people twists and braids will give you some sort of hair retention, this will allow your hair to grow without being manipulated.  A lot of length is achieved this way for most people especially when the hair is braided.

You ignore breakage

If you comb your hair often and notice little bits of hair all over the floor – but you ignore it!. This could be the reason why – you are not gaining length.  The management of your hair needs to be looked at from combing to moisturizing.   It all adds up – whilst you’re not able to stop all breakage a continual falling of little hairs denotes something is wrong.  Cease all heat styling and dyeing and up the moisture level.

No co washing

Shampoo is so very harsh with the sulphates.  Try co-washing your hair which means using a very good conditioner.  This will allow the hair to be clean but remain soft and moisturized.  Black hair especially the 4b/c is very dry and the scalp can get very dry, itchy and irritated.  I find co –washing is extremely helpful as it does not dry out the scalp and hair.

Ladies – what measures have you taken to retain your length?

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